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CCSD59 Education Foundation at a Glance

Our mission is to enhance the quality of education and increase community involvement by fostering partnerships that support excellence and innovation in Community Consolidated School District 59


Our sponsorships allow us to support important events like this spring's Future Tigers Night, a kindergarten welcome night, at Juliette Low!








Experience CCSD59 Education Foundation

The Foundation has strong community partnerships which help us to provide essential connections within the District 59 community. 

  • Elk Grove Village Character Counts Coalition

  • Elk Grove Village Rotary

  • PTOs at District 59 Schools

  • Libraries and Park Districts in Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village, and Mount Prospect

  • CCSD59 Board of Education

  • CCSD59 Administration

Ways to Support

The District 59 Opportunity Fund was established to help District 59 families in need.  During the height of COVID, the Opportunity Fund helped to feed countless families within our community.  Earlier this year, two of our District 59 families experienced the sudden loss of a child. At this difficult time, the Education Foundation is offering support to the families through the Opportunity Fund, and we invite the community to contribute to the Fund to assist the families with their financial needs.

Please consider making a donation by selecting "Make a Donation" below.

Thank you.



You can add a note to your donation, "Opportunity Fund" when you click "Make a Donation".


For school year 2022-2023, teachers, staff members, and community members can apply to receive a grant from the D59 Education Foundation.

  • Grants will be reviewed throughout the year on an individual basis.

  • All grants must be submitted by March of current school year.

  • All grant money must be used by end of current fiscal year.

  • Each grant must be approved by the principal of the school you are associated with before submitting grant to District 59 Education Foundation.

  • Applicants may be asked to attend an Education Foundation meeting to further explain their grant request and answer any questions.

  • The D59 Ed Foundation shall be recognized as a supporter of the event.

Distribution of Funds

Upon approval of a grant proposal, the Foundation will issue a check to the school or the district.  The project director is required to maintain records of all expenditures and provide associated receipts.  Monies must be used by of end of fiscal year.

Ownership of Material

Equipment and materials purchased through the Grant Program will remain the property of Community Consolidated School District 59.

          * The person receiving the grant will have exclusive use of the equipment and

             materials for as long as the project continues.

          *  Any unexpended grant funds are to be returned to the Foundation.

THE GRANT APPLICATION IS IN THE LINK BELOW.  Please fill out all necessary information, click submit, and we will contact you.


Give Thanks. Recognize Excellence.

You can support initiatives in the classroom by recognizing a teacher or staff member at one of our schools by making a donation to the CCSD59 Education Foundation below.

Click the Staff Appreciation Form button below to request a certificate in the name of a teacher or staff member who has made a difference in the classroom, in their school, or in the community.

To add a donation in recognition of that staff member, click the DONATE button below to make the donation.

donation will help the Foundation to fund grants which provide support for the innovation and creativity that our teachers and staff bring to the schools and classrooms.

Make a donation in recognition of a teacher or staff member by clicking the donate button below.

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